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Custom Waffle Robes

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Our Waffle Bathrobe has 50% Cotton and 50% Waffle fabric of the highest quality in Egypt which makes it such a soft, smooth, and lightweight robe. Not just that, this Bathrobe is built to be a strong and durable robe that can withstand repeated use. This bathrobe is easy to wash, it can be hand or machine washed and is quick to dry. 

Waffle Bathrobe is perfect for many hotels, resorts, nightwear, and spas due to the reason that it can withstand repeated use. Also, the best feature of our Waffle Bathrobe is that it has side pockets that can help you to carry your essential things like Cellphone, wallet, Keys, or anything that you can put in it.

This Bathrobe is also in demand for gift giving during Mother’s day/Father’s day or being worn during engagement parties, Bridal showers, and Weddings. You can decide what color you want for your customized bathrobe. Here are the available colors you can choose from White, Pink, Powder Blue, Light Purple, Gray, and Navy.

Always remember to stand out and enjoy the feeling of expensive fabric brought by our Spa-inspired Waffle Bathrobe!


Customization: Yes

Printing Option: Embroidery Only

Position: Front, Back, Front & Back

Available Sizes: Medium - XL

  • Medium: 37 in (Length)

43 in (Bust)

17 in (Shoulder)

16 in (Sleeve)

59-63 in(Height) 

  • Large: 42 in (Length)

90 in (Bust)

19 in (Shoulder)

17 in (Sleeve)

63-67 in (Height)

  • X-Large: 45 in (Length)

50 in (Bust)

20 in (Shoulder)

18 in (Sleeve)

67-71 in (Height)

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    A group of six models wearing different colored plush robes with a belt tie around the waist, standing against a white background. They are showcasing custom flannel fleece robes.

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A group of six models wearing different colored plush robes with a belt tie around the waist, standing against a white background. They are showcasing custom flannel fleece robes.

Custom Waffle Robes

A variety of plush robes in different colors modeled by a group of individuals, showcasing custom flannel fleece robes suitable for personalization.

Custom Flannel Fleece & Plush Robes

Five models showcasing various colors of custom flannel fleece robes, with a focus on the comfort and style of the premium robes.

Custom Zip-Up Bathrobes

Four models showcasing plush robes in different colors, standing against a white background. They represent a selection of plush robes available for personalization.

Stylish Custom Contrast Fleece Bathrobes

Four models wearing Plaid Bathrobes, showcasing assorted patterns and styles of personalized flannel fleece robes against a white background.

Custom Plaid Bathrobes Tartan Robes Unisex


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Custom Waffle Robes

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